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Thread: what restaurants at universal citywalk would you recommend

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    With pleasure island at disney being so boring now we're thinking of going to try the universal citywalk

    has anyone been lately? what are the best bars and restaurants??

    Someone said good things about a piano bar there?

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    PI is boring that is true! Don't know much about CityWalk though, sorry! We've only been there a couple of times and that was several years ago (the last time).

    We did have a lovely meal at Emeril's.

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    A few times ths type of post has come up and I loooovvvvveeee bubba Gump. It's mostly a fish restaurant but they do other food and is based on the forest Gump movie.
    I would highly recommend it, I'm not a big fish eating person but there is plenty of other food on the menu.

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    we went there in August, didn't go to the cinema or clubs -it was at the start of our trip and too tired to stay up late! lol

    we ate at Bubba Gumps and Margaritaville, they were surprisingly good. I really liked the sushi bar at the Royal Pacific Resort too if that's your kind of thing

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    we loved [especially the kids] hard rock cafe

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    We have always enjoyed the Nascar sports grille.....although slightly annoying that they try to get you to pose for a photo each time you go in!

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