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Thread: well the no flying hasnt lasted were going to NY and canada

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    Ok so i was never gonna fly again well that was nearly 2 years ago and im desperate to explore the world so we have took the bull by the horns and booked so far 5 nights in new york then amtrak up to niagara falls for 2 nights after that were unsure where we are off to but it will be via bamford and toronto possibly ending up at montreal before flying home.
    im not thinking about the flight at the moment just the thoughts of all the exciting things to see in new york and canada. we are also in new york for 9/11 which will seem very surreal.
    we are staying in a hotel that overlooks the falls on the canada side of the falls with a falls view which i am very excited about think i will just sit and watch the falls all day but we are intending going on the maid of the mist aswell
    so thats what we have planned so far....................
    anyone any sugestions on anything to see or do in canada
    btw still terrified of flying eeekkkkkkk

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    i sympathise with you. i dont like being in a plane much either
    i have started having weird dreams now our trip is getting close
    but its worth it to see great places
    your trip sounds fab

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    How about the Whirlpool Jetboat Tour of the Niagra river?

    You might just get wet! No... scratch that... you'll get soaked!

    But they've also got a dry boat!

    Tom (... looks like fun to me!)

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