Wow, another week over, where is the time going before we know it, Christmas will be here

This has been a strange week, Chris has been away, I was contacted by someone who normally has the power to completely destroy me emotionally - but this time I just hung :D normally I don't have the courage and listen to all the put down remarks. So I'm really proud of myself

What else, well I've just booked tickets to see Dirty Dancing the Musical for February next year - it's a long way off, but I love the film and to be able to see it in my own town is brilliant I also booked tickets for Legally Blonde in July the reviews sounded good, but I'm already wondering what on earth I've done

We haven't had any snow down here, just horrible rain and fog.

I don't think we have much planned for the weekend, just a nice quiet one I think, although that can change

So what's been happening to you and do you have anything nice planned for the weekend :D