I've been looking back through my old keepsakes from WDW and I came across the tickets from our first ever trip and it got me thinking about how things have changed over the years.

So I thought it might be nice to remember the good old days

  • Our first tickets have out photos on them, I remember having to stand at the ticket desk and look at the camera and then the tickets were printed - boy do I look young

  • Soda re-fills - do you remember when you could pay a little extra for a soda and then it would cost about 50 cents for a refill or was it free

  • World of Motion before Test Track.

  • Journey to Imagination before they changed it.

  • Getting your hand stamped so you could re-enter a park.

  • When the characters would walk around the park and you didnít have to line up to see them.

  • On our first visit I had an autograph book I had my photo taken with Prince John and he walked off with my pen I was laughing and walked after him so he ran away, when he came back over I had to kiss his hand before I got my book back

  • Another time Jafar came up to me and put someone elseís book on my head to sign it. Oh I miss those days

  • When the characters were allowed to mess around with you - Pluto spinning me round and dancing with Goofy - happy memories.

  • Tapestry of Dreams.

There are so many more, so what do you miss or wish you could bring back.