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Thread: Extra Magic Hours

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    If you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you have the luxury of Extra Magic Hours (EMH). This is a time when there are only WDW Resort guests in the parks.

    I was just wondering, do you prefer morning or evening EMH and when planning your schedule do you use the EMHs to plan

    The only time we stayed on site, we actually didn't take advantage of the EMHs at all.

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    Donna and I are not generally night people so we prefer the morning EMH.

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    believe it on or not the morning ones. We found the evening ones really busy until an hour before the park closed which was midnight...way too late for me to be running around

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    Totally Evening for me. I'm a night owl anyway and morning? wassat then?

    I love the EMH especially when it keeps MK open till 3am or so. All the kids out of the way just us big kids left, much less busy and more enjoyable. Hopefully mixed with a lovely boat ride back to the wilderness lodge
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    Due to the time difference we NEVER make it to regular park openings, so it seems just impossible to even try to get there for EMH, so it would be evening... however, in past trips we have found that the park with EMH is the most crowded one, so we avoid that park like the plague hahahahahaha

    Except on this trip, being Easter, it will be crowded no matter what, and MK has EMH every evening and almost every morning...

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    We have not yet used EMH!!!!!!

    I think we should give it a go this year

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