For those of you that pray, if we ever needed a chain of prayers,good vibes, pixiedust, or whatever you do for luck, we need them now, but not for myself, for my dear husband, best friend and soulmate . You see Jim has had COPD for many years , 6 years ago in May he stopped smoking . Two months ago he started with a chest cough that hasn't got any better . Two weeks ago he went to visit his pulmonary doctor which ordered an X ray . Long story short, he had an appointment today and once home I said, how did it go ? He burst into tears and told me they found a nodule on his left lung . His lungs are only working on a 46% capacity . Dr Nar said he doesn't even know how he is still working . At that level he's working on one lung . I love my husband so much and I know I will not be able to live without him . I already told him, I will not be far behind if he leaves me . That is not me being dramatic, I truly mean it . There is one script that I take that will put me to sleep .
I ask that you please pray for Jim and that this is just a fluke and not cancer . Thank You