went to the doctors last night for what I thought was a severe sinus infection and possible upper respiratory infection . Wow, was I wrong , well 1/2 wrong/ I do have acute sinusitis, but I also have inflamation in my right lung again . Doctor said, I'll be right back and I looked at him and said AGAIN ! He said, yes, when you get old and catch pneumonia your lungs are wide open for bacterial infection . After he went out I replayed it in my head ( did he just call me old ) . He comes back in and tells me to go to Warren Hospital for chest xray and come back . He'd have results . Sure enough slight case of pneumonia in right lung . He wanted me to be admitted, but told him JIm need me .
Like a fool on 80 milligrams of Predisone, Levaquin, cough syrup, and nasal spray I'm taking . I go to work . I was doing good until I became disoriented four hours later and went down for the count . I didn't even feel myself falling until I saw the glass TV cabinet and my face connecting . I put my wrist out to break my fall . I clocked the side of my head on the floor, messed up my knee and back and have a nice rug burn on my wrist . How I did not break my wrist is beyond me . I apparantly tripped over a little leg of a chair .
I could hear Damuris my associate if I was okay, but I couldn't answer her . I was really outside of myself . The next thing I knew, I had teachers helping me up .
So Miss Becky says I was downstairs and heard you fall . I thought it was an earthquake . I'm like Thanks first the doctor tells me I'm old and now you are telling me I weigh that much .
Now why would I go to work ! Well, my boss & best friends husband had heart surgery yesterday . I am so appreciative that I've been given a second chance , I want to prove that I am reliable no matter what .
I was home by noon and although sore and still foggy headed, I'm ok .