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Thread: Choosing a new dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy, post: 273635
    All of ours have been rescues and over the last 35 years or so we've only had one dog that had to be return because he just couldn't get along with our lab. At one point (along with 2 teenagers) we had 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a stupid bird that were all rescue animal so beware of falling in love and wanting to take home every critter you see
    All my guinea pigs are rescues. Adrian has banned me from going there anymore. All the carrots I collect from the school kitchen have to be taken to my parents and they drop them at the rescue. I'm not safe to be allowed to visit alone.

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    Wish we'd known about the hormone thing before we got Tinkerbell *done*... Just shows how important your research has to be, we thought we were doing the right thing by her. Didn't take into account the hormone thing. Oh well it's done now.

    Have you got a dog yet Keith?

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