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Thread: Ideas for teens at wdw

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    HELP! We have been to WDW with our daughter twice. Once when she was 6 and again when she was 8. We are going again this year with our son who is 7 and our daughter is now 13. She is not excited about the trip because she is not crazy about the rides with drops etc.or the character meet and greets and she thinks there will be nothing there for her to do. I need something to get her excited like the rest of us are about our trip.

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    my eldest is 13 and although we are not doing disney this time he still would have liked to have done disney again. we all decided this time we would like to explore a little and as well as doing universal and seaworld we are doing an airboat ride and a trip to clearwater and daytona.

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    My eldest is now 15 and we took him when he was 13, he enjoyed it as much as we all did, I'm sorry to have to say it be at the age of 13 most teenagers aren't good at showing they emotions.
    im sure she will love it in her own teenage way.

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    I bet once she gets there she will love it!
    Im not good at naming attractions etc so i cant give you any pointers, but there is something there for everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickie Rector, post: 273920
    I need something to get her excited like the rest of us are about our trip.
    How about sitting her down on the Disney site and have her make a vacation planning video? You can do it here. You'd need to register for her first since they want all the usual information to add to their mailing lists but after that, she could build a vacation planning video showing where you're staying, what you're planning on doing, which parks you'll visit. All that kind of thing. Then after she gets it built, the whole family could watch it together. Might get her involved and a little excited.

    Just a thought.

    Tom (... sometimes I do it just for my Disney fix. And I don't even have a trip planned!)

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