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Thread: Best Resort?

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    My boyfriend is wanting to take his little brother (2) for his first trip to Disney! It will be my BF's first time to. What would be the best hotel to stay in? Preferably a Deluxe hotel or Villa. We looked at the Boardwalk, but I'm worried the clown pool would scare his brother.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! ^_^

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    I honestly don't like the clown pool, so I'm with you!

    The Animal Kingdom Lodge is WONDERFUL for children, but be ready for the little one to want to stay at the resort! The pool area at both Kidani Village and Jambo house is great.

    If you want to be nearer to MK then Bay Lake Towers is nice, as is Wilderness Lodge.

    Beach Club has the best pool on property according to many people.

    We like OKW, it's our home resort.

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    Since AKL and SKV are so close together, would we be able to visit their pool if we wanted too? And their Savannah viewing areas?

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    Not sure what SKV is but generally you cannot use pools at other resorts.

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    If you mean the two separate areas at Animal Kingdom Lodge, yes. You can move between Jambo House and Kidani Village and use the pools.

    If you mean another hotel completely, then no. You can only use the pool of the hotel where you are registered.

    Now, Pop Century and All Stars consider you registered regardless where you are staying within those resorts.

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    I meant AKV, stupid keyboard. LOL

    Now is AKL a good resort, is it Ok for a 2yr old ?

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    AKV as in Animal Kingdom Villas? They are one in the same. Animal Kingdom Lodge has the Jambo House and Kidani Village (which is the DVC area, but anyone can pay to stay there). They are a very short walk apart and both have great pools, and wonderful views of the animals.

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    I know, this will be my 2nd time going since childhood any my 1st time staying on Disney Property. Is it worth paying the extra to stay in a Savannah View room?

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    That's a hard one. We think it is, because we love to watch them from our villa. There are many nice public viewing areas though, too so paying extra isn't absolutely necessary.

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