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Thread: Magic Kingdom Monorail Service Restored

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    The works being carried out at the new DVC at the Grand Floridian around the monorail beams have been completed.

    The service has returned to normal.

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    Some people I know who work "over there" for Disney said that the guests were absolutely terrible about the disruption in Monorail service. So many carried on like they were being deliberately provoked the Disney managers stopped taking complaints!

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    Yeah. Like Disney stopped the monorails just to specifically annoy them. You bet.

    Just goes to show you, there are morons everywhere!

    But you already knew that.

    Tom (... get on the bus, Gus!)

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    The stories I hear never fail to amaze me. I know how hard it can be to work with "people." I do that for a living too. Another setting, but family and adult children, friends of elderly residents... all tough stuff, and some are unreasonable.

    But the Disney guests seem to be pretty unique (at least those in that certain category). Showing up at a restaurant and then being hideous because you aren't given the table you "always" have. You visit once a year! Sheesh.

    Utterly stupid things like that.

    One of my friends who is a bartender had a young teen (appeared to be about 13) urinate in the open in the bar. When my friend approached the parents he was dismissed with, "Oh he does that when he wants to." ReallY???????

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