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Thread: App you cannot live without...

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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if there is any app you cannot live without or just discovered and thought it amazing!

    I am here:

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    Lots and lots

    Enjoying sky gamblers at the moment as it shows off the lovely screen

    Monster wars is a cool game as is asphalt6

    Utilities, couldn't live without pages, probably my most used, like snapseed but will see if that is replaced by iPhoto.

    GarageBand blows my mind, having never used it on any of my previous devices.

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    Just discovered draw free today, you can draw things for others to guess, can be played on iPhone too

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    for my iPhone, my most used app is probably iTorch 4. I also use instagram quite a bit, oh and whatsapp for talking to friends back in the states!
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    Temple run is stupidly addictive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 275256
    Temple run is stupidly addictive
    Oh yes how could I forget, Caitlin - litt1etinker is addicted, max score is 1,889,825 lol

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    Pocket frogs. :frogprince:

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    Lisa loves Cat physics, Copver orange and one with doors ( can't remember the name at the moment)

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