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Thread: Disneyland Paris 2012- Day one!

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    I think I woke up about 6am on our first day as I was just too excited! A quick shower and a last minute check of my lists, and before I know it, Jade & Joe (Jade's boyfriend) were here (with Niamh too!) to head to the airport On our way to the airport Niamh is high as a kite and won't let go of her Jessie & Woody dolls. We're trying to prepare her for the fact they're going to have to go through the security scanner when we get to the airport but she doesn't seem too pleased about that so until then we listen to the Disney CD (with the Toy Story theme tune on repeat ) and before you know it we're at the airport! We all wave bye to Joe's car and go through check-in.

    Check-in was a bit like being at Gringott's bank. The check-in staff just seemed to grunt and point but we didn't mind as we were going to DISNEY We get Niamh to put her stuff through the scanner by telling her they are practising for the rides at Disneyland

    Once through check in and security, we go for our breakfast. We keep Niamh quiet during breakfast with the iPad..

    After breakfast, a quick browse of duty free... Niamh, sounding very concerned shouted out "UNCLE JOSH! I FORGOT MY SUNGLASSES!" she then runs over to the sunglasses stand and chooses a £200 pair of D&G's!
    After some persuasion (read: bribery) she chooses a much more reasonable pair of children's sunglasses for a fiver and she seems very happy with them. Much posing ensues...

    A pretty uneventful flight. Only one minor blip when the cabin crew ask why Niamh isn't on Jade's lap. We explain that she is three and we've paid for her to have her own seat (as required by law!) Anyway, Niamh having her own seat is causing much confusion to the cabin crew, who say she has been checked in as an under two and apologise for the mistake. It does worry me that a member of check-in staff can mark her as an under two, when he has her passport and various other documents with her D.O.B on right in front of him! Anyway, the cabin crew apologised and brought Niamh some crayons as well as some drinks for the rest of us .

    Once landed, our luggage is first off the carousel and all together. A miracle? Maybe some Disney magic! After a quick journey to the hotel, we check in, practically throw our stuff in the room and go to the parks for the last hour or two before they close

    The weather is a bit cloudy and absolutely freezing! We take a few pictures in front of the castle but I'm not too pleased with them because of the moody sky in the background

    We get a few 'Niamh' rides done, The Dumbos, The Carousel etc etc. and Joe & I even manage to sneak off and go on Space Mountain . Everyone is feeling a bit tired and Niamh is close to having a tantrum so we decide to call it a night for the parks, and go for something to eat.

    Just as we exit the 'god voice' is playing telling everyone that the park is closed. As it turns out, it's 8pm and the park is closing anyway! Time definitely flies when you're having fun. It's already past Niamh's bedtime and she's not even had tea yet so we go for what should have been a quick bite to eat. However, because of the crowds pouring out of the parks, Disney Village is heaving and we ended up in a sports bar. Niamh & I had a cheese sandwich, and Jade & Joe had hotdogs. Niamh also had some sort of chocolatey pudding that she got all over her face.

    Niamh nods off on the bus for a little bit, it's well past 10pm by the time we get back to the hotel room and then we remember that we have reservations for Café Mickey for breakfast and set our wake-up call. Niamh is clearly still hyper from her chocolate mess and the fact we're in DISNEYLAND and having breakfast with Mickey the next morning. She finally finally gets to sleep at a ridiculous hour and we all nod off to sleep.
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    I can't see the photos Josh

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 275259
    I can't see the photos Josh
    Argh! Nor can I. They worked last night. Will update in a bit
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    Thanks for this Josh , I was there the day after Space Mountain opened and it was a thing of wonder - first coaster in the world to have a synchronised soundtrack, and the first Disney coaster to have a slingshot start.

    Discovery land was a gordeous area at the beginning as everything was themed along Jules Verne themes, so it remained fuuristic without ever looking dated unlike the whites in Tomorrow land.

    The first incarnation had long French flags draped and it was supposed to be set in an olde worlde science fair with classical music playing as you queued and then took off. The newer techno beats are funky but utterly ruin the cohesion of the ieda , the smoke hasn't worked for years out of the canon and its become rather 'rattly' as well - still a cool ride but I used to actually love it, sigh.

    Looking forward to part 2 and really interested to see what you think about the rest

    God voice lol

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    Sounds like she did very well for a little one! Looking forward to the next installment!

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    Great report Josh!

    But... but... but... I wanna see! :eye:

    Tom (... invisipics don't work too good.)

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    So.. pictures are added, from photobucket... and now the attached pictures decide to work, just not in the right places... Hmm..
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    Thank you for sharing Josh, your little Princess looks like she's enjoying herself

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    Thanks for sharing Josh. Niamh looks like she is having lots of fun.

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    I so love to hear your excitement practically ooooooze from you writing

    Sounds like a fun time so far, and the photos are precious. Absolutely precious.

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