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Thread: Tiaras and Ears!!! Part 1

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    Lets see how long I can keep this up!

    The day finally arrived yesterday!

    The night before Natalia came down with a fever, and I have something, strep throat? I cant speak

    Anyway... It was time!!

    We arrived at the airport at 7:30am, checked our luggage had some coffee and breakfast and it was time to go!

    We were supposed to leave at 11:30, left at noon and touched down at MCO at 2:30 ... 4:30 Orlando time...

    The kids found out they were going to Disney the moment the pilot said we were headed to Orlando.... Their faces just lit up and Pau even said "my dream come true, im going to Disney!!"

    Now here's the not so nice... We spent 2 hours in line in a non conditioned room at inmigration, there was only 1immigration officer for three full flights of tourists!! And when it was finally our turn, it turns out there is someone out there with a name similar to Toņo's who is on a wanted list, and so they took his passport and our customs form and took us to another room to wait for further inspection... That took 2 more hours!

    I have to say though, my very excited, super hungry and sick girls were troopers!! They behaved so well that Im tearing up just writing it down. I was so scared they were just going to send us back to Mexico without a reason.... And they just sat and waited another full hour... When they were finally done interrogating Toņo and let us leave, I told Tatiana she was getting a gift for behaving so well, she said she wanted a Jasmine costume... She can have Jasmine herself if we find her!!! Im packing that princess up!!

    Anyway... At that moment we finally made our way to the Magical Express and the magic began!!!

    We arrived at the Poly at 9:30 having an ADR for Ohana at 9:35... Thankfully our frienda left the airport well before we did (no further interrogation for anyone in their family) and were able to merge our reservations.

    We had a wonderful meal!!!! No pics though cause we just dropped every bag we had on us at bell services and ran to Ohana but the girls got leis, danced like Lilo and did the coconut races.... Then wishes started, we were far from windows but just got up and made our way with the
    Kids in tow... Someone lente a chair an I just sat, put both my girls in my lap and cried for 20 minutes ... I guess Im just too corny, but we finally did it!!!!!!!!

    The food was delicious!!!! Wow!!! All those rave reviews about dinner at Ohana were so right!!!! What a meal!!! Perfect way to start Disney vacation!!!

    Then it was time for bed... we are at the Tokelau building and from our balcony we can see the castle... That just made my morning!!!

    Today we are off to 1900 Park Fare for breakfast an MK, if its not too crowde when we get there Natalia will be getting her first haircut!!!

    Thanks for reading!!!

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    Oh my gosh. So sorry it took so long for you to get through immigration. Glad to hear you made it to dinner though. Have a wonderful time.

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    Goodness Mari, your heart mustve been thumping like crazy at that airport!!! Well done to your girls too for behaving so well!

    Reckon you might be pouring out quite alot of happy tears on this trip!

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    Mari I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and what an awful time for you when you arrived

    The children were one step ahead the mere mention of Orlando and they think Disney, brilliant, did you manage to take a photo of their faces

    It sounds like your first day was full of very mixed emotions, but I'm so glad you made it to O'hanas in time and were able to see Wishes

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    Oh no that's awful shout immigration! But you are there! Glad to hear you loved Ohana. It is one of my favorite places.

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    HAHA!! Are you making me all teary eyed as payback from MY trip report!?! Because it's working!!

    If you need ANY help at all packing up Jasmine, let me know...I'll be right behind you.

    Hoping you are feeling 100% better very, very soon my friend. <3

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    What a day of mixed emotions, so glad you have arrived safely and that you all enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Oh and by the way I've seen wishes 4 times and I cry everytime.

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    Good grief, Mari that was terrible treatment from immigration. I am so sorry you were detained that long. Would that we'd get over the paranoia and on with quality service to our visitors.

    Your children sound like angels! I can't imagine having to make them wait that long and in those kind of stressful circumstances. I agree with you, gifts all around! Mama and poor Papa need some too.

    Now, on with the fun. Love the description of your experience so far at Poly. So, so SO glad to hear that it is going well.

    Hoping you all feel better soon and that you have a wonderful time! Today is supposed to be gorgeous so enjoy!

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    Loved reading this Mari A view of the Castle!!!

    I thought our usual Orlando Immigration experiences were bad, but that sounds horrific! What a a dreaful way to start

    You had me all teary reading about Wishes....

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    You all should be able to bring home a character after that ordeal. I'm glad everyone hung in there.

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