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Thread: Breaking News - Strike Action at Disneyland Paris

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    Reports are coming out of Disneyland Paris that a group of 100 to 200 people have been demonstrating in the park with union flags, placards and whistles. Witness say that one group have walked up Main Street to the Castle and then sat down in Main Street which meant the Once Upon a Dream Parade to be cancelled. Another group caused Walt Disney Studios to be closed for a short while.

    The strike is about a dispute over a pay rise - the Unions have demanded a 4% increase while the company, Euro Disney, has offered 1.5% all four unions, CFDT EuroDisney, Fo, UNSA, and CFTC have called for a 48 hour strike of cast members today and tomorrow in a current dispute concerning the pay of cast members.

    Euro Disney president Philippe Gas said the strike was "unjustified" as the company had increased pay by 11% in total over the past three years. However, the CFDT union replied, saying pay had previously gone up as the result of staff going on strike.

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