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Thread: Storybook Circus

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    It will be beautiful! So much better than Toontown, very well planned with wide walkways and lots of possible sitting areas and stroller parking areas.

    Loved the cms outfits they scream circus!!! And are so different from the uniforms in the rest of the park!

    Dumbo, try to ride it when its starting to get dark because the fountain lighting changes colors! There is so much detailing... I loved it!



    And I think thats Beast's castle?


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    Wow, that looks and sounds amazing. Can't wait to see it for myself.
    Hope you all are having lots of fun.

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    Thank you Mari

    Storybook Circus does look absolutely brilliant, I've seen photos of Dumbo at night, it looks beautiful

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    So nice! Thank you for the wonderful photos and the great advice!!

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