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Thread: Tiaras and Ears part 2!!

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    How can you have a bad day when you wake up at Disney?? Impossible!!! Although Im not feeling too good, it was our first complete day!

    The dads left fairly early and super excited to do the Richard Petty Exotic Driving... It took them almost 3 hours, and they both came back even more excited than they left!! They loved it!! You get to look at all the cars and take pictures, then tey show you and instructional video and then you get 6 laps in the car of your dreams . I honestly dont care much for cars so I understood half of what they said, but in the end they think ot was worth every penny and would do it again in a heartbeat!

    The rest of us, except for my voice which got lost somewhere between the airport and wdw and hasnt been found yet!, got ready and left for breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.

    They were running very late, so we were able to get Tatiana her Jasmine costume and enjoy the lobby and easter eggs! Before going in

    Once inside.... The kids just lost it !! Hahahahahahaha, they were expecting breakfast, not: Pooh, Tigger, Alice, The Mad Hatter .. Aaaaaaaand Mary Poppins. For the record, Tatiana adores Mary Poppins, we went to watch the broadway show a few months back, she knows the story, the characters names and lately can even dance a few numbers , well, she was 125% star struck!

    Loved the Mad Hatter!

    MH: where are you from?
    Tatiana: Mexico
    MH: oh! And where's your sombrero?
    Tatiana: just burst out laughing

    And this is why I love Disney!!!!

    Then we were off to MK for the day and managed to get there at noon when it was packed! The park was supposed to close at midnight but while there an announcement was made that it would close at 1am.

    Still, we managed to get all 3 girls haircuts (yipee! Another thing off MY bucket list!, both girls got their 1st haircut at the Main Street Barber Shop!). Tatiana and Ana Pau both got pixie dust and up dos, and then we were ready for Fantasyland! We did: its a small world (longest wait of the day, 35mins,not too bad) the carrousel, phillarmagic, peter pan, winnie the pooh, the tea cups, dumbo, and everyone except Natalia and I got on the Barnstormer! Thank God for fast passes and and obsessive compulsive planner (aka ME)!

    We had a wonderful dinner at Crystal Palace. I think the dinner buffet far outweights the breakfast one! We loved the food, Tatiana could have eaten 2 whole chickens! and the characters were just wonderful. Natalia loooooooved Eeyore, she kept hugging his leg and caressing his back when he moved to the next table!

    We also watched, no, not watch, we were part of the move it shake it street party... Tatiana and Ana Pau danced their little feet out . Tip!!! Catch the last party, the sun is already going down so its not as hot and you will enjoy it much more

    We watched the Electrical Parade. Wow!! I hadnt watched it since I was probably 10, the music brought back so many memories of being there with my parents and siblings. It just seemed impossible to be standing below the castle watching it with MY children! Of course I cried for the duration of said parade
    Also, there were 3 high school marching bands before the parade. LOVED them!!! The last one came
    Down Main Street marching to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, I got goosebumps!!!

    We were able to sit right beneath the castle for the magic, the memories and you... Loved it!! And for Wishes, not the best spot for the fireworks ( I thought the show was above the castle, but from there it looks as if its from behind??) still, it ws THE perfect spot to see Tinkerbell fly out of the castle and you cant beat watching wishes SITTING down in a park thats packed! Perfect way to end the day

    Only downside of the day? We found 2 cockroaches in our room! Yuck!! And my throat is still killing me, I haveno voice and the parks dont sell chloraseptic!!

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    Another brilliant day Mari!! You did so much. Sounds perfect for the girls!! I love the Mad Hatter at breakfast, he is always so funny!

    So sorry about your voice though Hope it heals magically overnight xxx

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    Hope your throat get better soon!

    Loving your report!!! Looking forward to more

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    Sorry to hear about your throat and voice Mari - but at least you have plenty of things to take your mind off it!
    How wonderful that you got both girls hair cut there, what a thing for them to tell their children!
    I was reading the bit where you said about the memories which came back to you and thought how much that would make me cry - then i read it made you cry too, happy tears though eh?

    It sounds magical Mari, cant wait to read more!

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    Mari, send someone out to Publix. There will be loads of sore throat medicines there including chloroseptic. Even if they have to take a cab, it won't be far. From DTD the closest is near premium outlets. Or, the largest one in the area is closest to AKL.

    Hope you feel better!! Love the energy and excitement in your reports. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them for us!

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    Wonderful reports Mari!

    So glad you're having a good time. Although I do hope you get to feeling better. Do like Tink says and send someone to Publix. Don't spend your whole holiday feeling miserable if help is just around the corner.

    Tom (... you'll be glad later. Trust me on that one.)

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    Mari it sounds just perfect you put so much thought and hard work into planning this holiday I am so happy you are all having a fantastic time

    I'm sorry your throat is so sore

    What you could try until you can get someone to go to the store for you is try a little salt in warm water and gargle with it. It might sting a little bit, but it is very good for soothing sore throats.

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    I hope your throat heals soon. What a wonderful day you've had!

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    Sounds like, except for the sore throat, that you and the girls are having a great time. Sounds like the guys enjoyed the cars too.

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    Sounds like your all having a wonderful time and your reports are making me wish it was already time for us to be there. Hope you feel better soon

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