We started the day off with Chef Mickeys. The girls loved the experience and by this time they knew how the autograph books work so they were pretty excited getting character autographs!

I have to say I was hesitant to go to CM again because on our last trip I didnt love it, it felt so rushed and our table was in a very dark corner.

This time around, wow!!! So much better!!

Then we were supposed to spend the day at the pool, but except for Toņo we all have colds, so we just got back to the room and were checking out the day's activities when a pretty hard and long storm started... Activity of the day: super long bubble bath for the girls

Then we made our way to Fort Wilderness and had a fantastic time at Mickey's BBQ

Im a tiny bit better. Started taking massive dosis of the girls medicines I still cant talk but during the day I feel mostly fine

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