Listen Wendy I run fitness class with a slimming club and I constantly tell the ladies at my classes that if they don't have a little of something they fancy then they could end up over indulging in one go. I think you're being very good resisting temptation but if you do give in, don't beat yourself up enjoy it petal, start the diet again tomorrow. Something one of my ladies did was put a creme egg in the freezer. When she fancied some chocolate she tried eating it straight from the freezer. It took her so long to get through half , she put the rest of it back in the fridge and ate that another day. Doesn't work for everyone - ok not for me it wouldn't get to the freezer with me, (I know great instructor I am) but it has worked for others.

And as for that doctor's surgery they are a joke. You get nothing but trouble from them I think they are disgusting if your consultant told you to get an appointment asap then they should bend over backwards to fit you in. Our surgery has a call on the day policy. It has it's draw backs but it does mean you can get to see the doctor when you are actually ill and not two weeks after you get over it.

I wish I lived closer to you as I would be round with a big hug. Just remember we all think you are great.