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Thread: Dreamin'....and needing some help!

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    31 more days. ::sssqqqquuuueeeaaallllll:: I booked excursions this week. I do NOT think we will get off at the Bahamas, but we will get off at both trips to Castaway Cay. I opted not to do the passports for my kids simply because we weren't sure they would arrive in time. I think their birth certificates for this trip will be okay, but if/when we do it again, we certainly will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shimmerplanet, post: 279120
    31 more days. ::sssqqqquuuueeeaaallllll::
    Seriously exciting!

    Just for grins, I whipped up a Google map to give you an idea of where things are in Port Canaveral. The map is located here. This should give you an overview. I only included the Disney Cruise Line Terminal, the Raddisson at the Port, and Fishlips Bar and Grill. Fishlips is on there because the web cam I mentioned earlier is located there (here's the link again). So you'd have some idea of how far away the terminal is. By the way, if you look right now, the Magic is in port and will be leaving this afternoon.

    Better start packing! You're going to have so much fun!

    Tom (... I'm ready. Send me in coach! )

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