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Thread: Tiaras and Ears!! Part 4

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    We ventured into Animal Kingdom... It was packed! It was impossible to walk through Harambe, there were cms directing traffic!

    Still, I laughed remembering Chris and Lisa's harambe !! Hahahaha

    We had lunch at Tusker House... It was delicious!!!! And very different from other places, with curry chicken, cous cous, pita bread, etc...

    We did the safari, the trails, flights of wonder which we had never done and I loved it!, watched the parade, its tough to be a bug and the lion king festival which was as good as ever!!

    I think we accomplished a lot considering how crowded the park was!

    From the we took a bus to AKL, the kids watched the animals and we just sat around for a bit enjoying the lobby. AKL is my favorite resort, I absolutly love it. Its a shame its so far away from everywhere!!

    We had dinner at Raglan Road, and DTD was, you guessed it! Packed!!! We were only able to go into the Xmas shop, and it took us over 15 minutes to get from there to Raglan Road!

    We had a wonderful meal, and the girls really enjoyed the entertainment!

    We were able to drink Guinness yum!! and relax after a hot day!

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    It sounds like you are having a fantastic time Mari All the planning you did has really paid off

    We'll have to start renting you out as a vacation planner

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    Sounds like an awesome trip so far It is crazy that you did so much in the park with it being so packed!!

    Oh and I totally need to do this style trip report next time around I have ever intention of doing a report, but they never actually happen

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    We've not done Tusker House at all since it was converted. Sounds yummy.

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    Yep, the Easter holiday guests are here! Good that you were able to enjoy AK and AKL, Mari. Lovely places, both.

    We stay at Kidani Village from time to time and honestly don't notice the distance to any WDW destination. It's simply a different location at Disney!

    Thanks for the installment. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Fab Mari! I think you need to post some more photos though - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

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