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My contract has ended and Im trying to change over my provider to giffgaff, it all became active, transferred number last week. However the phone says no service, can't connect to iTunes so I thought that the phone was locked to Vodafone. My original phone was bought from Vodafone but the apple store swapped my phone for me when the screen cracked so I thought this one would be unlocked. Anyway I have contacted Vodafone who say that their computer says that it's not giving them an option to unlock the phone therefore it isn't locked. I've reset the phone to factory settings and still the same problem. Does anyone know where I go from here?
I would do a back up, and restore via iTunes. It sounds to me as though the phone hasn't activated properly through iTunes and/or GiffGaff. Do you have to register your number with giffgaff?

If not, I think a trip to the genius bar might be in order.