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Thread: Disneynature's Chimpanzee Makes its World Premiere at Downtown Disney, Orlando

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    Last Friday, Chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall took a break from the rainforests of Africa to walk the red carpet in Orlando.

    Goodall and the crew behind Chimpanzee, posed for cameras outside the AMC Downtown Disney theatre before heading in for the film's world premiere.


    Chimpanzee was narrated by Tim Allen and follows the story of Oscar, who is a young chimpanzee living in the Tai Forest National Park in the Ivory Coast. During the film, a rival band of chimpanzees confronts Oscar and his family, separating them.

    Left to fend for himself, Oscar meets Freddy, an alpha-male chimp that becomes an adoptive father.

    Chimpanzee officially opens on the 20th April to coincide with Earth Day, which is on the 22nd April.
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    SHE WAS HERE?!!! OMG!!!! After Dian Fossey, I love Jane best!!! I canNOT believe I missed her.

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