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Thread: Tiaras and Ears!! Part 5

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    Monday was our second Magic Kingdom day, and boy was it magical!!

    We had a quick breakfast at the Poly, and then made our way to MK. It was packed!!! We enjoyed the performers on Main Street while the girls had a Mickey cake pop and then made our way to Tomorrowland.

    We got fast passes for Buzz, and went on the People Mover... while on it, we were able to see Stitch and Chip&Dale dancing, so when we got off we headed that way. The girls really enjoyed dancing with Stitch... Natalia was starstrucked for a while, but later had lots of fun dancing along

    Then we headed to Liberty Tree Tavern and had a super yummy lunch!! The food was delicious, and I found it odd that the restaurant was half empty, Im guessing not as many people know about it?? Who knows, but we had a great meal

    We met our friends there, Omar and Omar Jr. had been transformed into pirates, and we all LOVED the make up!! It was wonderful!!!

    After lunch we went on Buzz and got a second fast pass, and then headed to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique

    Tatiana chose to be Cinderella!! First time ever as she normally prefers Jasmine... Her Fairy Godmother in training was Susan, and wow, just WOW!! she truly was a Fairy Godmother, she did her job with so much care, always smiling, making Tatiana not only feel at ease but feel like ROYALTY, language wasnt a barrier, MAGIC just kept happening!! I had no idea how wonderful the BBB experience would be I think about it now and feel the tears forming immediatly... it was really MAGICAL!

    When it was finally time for Tatiana to see herself in the mirror (I had no idea this happened) Susan said Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo! and turned her chair around, and I will never EVER forget the look on Tatiana's face, the absolute JOY of seeing herself turned into a real princess

    Ana Päula chose Rapunzel, and got a super funky hairstyle with hair extensions and all!!

    We left BBB with two super happy little girls and two very happy mothers

    We went on the Haunted Mansion, all 4 kids protested, hahahaha, but we still made them go on it, knowing it wasnt THAT scary, and they all came out feeling super brave, then we rode Buzz again, the Teacups and the Carrousel...

    It was 8:20pm and we headed to the castle... Before this day the girls had only seen the princesses from afar, and had only seen Rapunzel and Tiana... well, you should have seen Tatiana's face when she walked into the castle and saw Cinderella ready to meet her! She could not contain her joy!! Even after saying hello and getting her picture taken she kept looking at Cindy and waving her hand and smiling...

    We were finally invited into the Royal Room, and had a wonderful meal! Our server was Nicaraguan and he was just wonderful, super polite, very attentive, just wonderful!! Both girls enjoyed meeting the princesses, but Tatiana's face would just light up every time a new princess was announced, and when it was the princesses turn to come to our table she was literally jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face!

    After a delicious meal, it was time to leave and say good bye to Cindy... we made our way out of the castle towards Main Street, well, we couldnt get past the ropes, people were packed for Wishes and with 2 strollers it was just impossible to move through the crowd, so the CM told us we could just walk right back to the castle and watch Wishes from beneath the castle. She promised an spectacular view since most fireworks explode above Fantasyland.... It was far more spectacular than she said though....

    We made our way back and parked our strollers, first row, right across from the carrousel, no one is allowed to stand between the castle and the carrousel, because thats where debris fall. Not 2 minutes later, a cm from the castle came out and said the following..

    "Hi, would you mind moving your strollers to the side? Cinderella is coming out to watch the fireworks, or better yet, could your girls get out of their strollers and watch Wishes with Cinderella?"

    My reaction? umm. a combination of these probably:

    So I took the girls out of the strollers without telling them anything, and they just stood holding the rope... Cinderella came out, bent down right behind Tatiana and touched her back, Tatiana turned around assuming it was me, you should have seen her face! That face was worth the trip!! And well, Cinderella at times held her hand, commented to the other few kids present about how wonderful Wishes was, made us all make wishes as fireworks exploded above the carrousel... I tried to take lots of pics, but honestly, I couldnt, at some point I just put the camera away and enjoyed it.... I sat on the floor, with a girl on each leg, and hugged them and cried my eyes out, and then Cindy bent down, and hugged me from the back.... because you know, magic DOES happen at Disney

    When Wishes was over, another little girl asked Cindy if she would go with her on the carrousel, Cindy said she couldnt stay, she had to be home before midnight , and went back inside the castle.

    We had to wait about 15 minutes before the rope was pulled down, because after the show there are people checking for any debris, and they also water all the grounds around the castle where there's trees (I had no idea) but Im so glad they take every precaution needed to prevent a fire.

    Originally we had planned to leave after dinner, but since it was packed and making our way out was going to take forever, and the girls were awake, FULLY awake after watching Wishes with Cinderella... we went on the teacups and the carrousel again, maybe twice on each hahahaha, watched the Main Street Electrical Parade from Main Street and finally left MK a little before midnight, with a tiny Tinkerbell and a tiny Cinderella asleep in their strollers by the time we got on the monoriel

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    What a day Mari, you've got me in tears here. You will remember that forever x

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    WOW!WOW!WOW! Beautiful, Mari. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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    What an absolutely magical day!!!

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    Mari, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful day with us

    BBB is truly magical it's a day I'll remember forever, the other magical moment was watching a pirate makeover. It's just the look on their face it says it all

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    Wow, how many wows are enough? What a truly magical day and one that you will never forget.

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    Aww Mari, that was just a truely magical day - could feel tears pricking my eyes reading that, just wonderful!

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