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Thread: For people with Allergies

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    Please, dont let them stop you from enjoying WDW or a very good meal

    Natalia has a diary allergy, and I just made sure I marked it when making online ADRs

    At each restaurant the server asked what the allergy was for and not 3 minutes later the chef would come out and either explain what she couldnt eat from the buffet or offer to cook something especially for her She was even able to eat diary free Mickey waffles

    WE had a WONDERFUL experience, and felt totally taken care of. She was able to enjoy every single meal and eat quality food, and we knew for certain that she wasnt getting any diary at all!

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    Wow, what fantastic service Mari I've heard that the chefs come out to speak to guests but to hear what you've said is brilliant.

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    Thats great - its good that you were clear on what she could and couldnt have because they came out and told you!

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    It's good, isn't it Mari? I am allergic to chilli in any form, and the first time I had ever mentioned this is Disney I was a little embarrassed when the chef came out! But now it happens every time, and it is good to have peace of mind that I won't be sick (especially as chilli seems to be just thrown into many foods nowadays that you wouldn't expect). The chef always says what has to be avoided, and offers alternatives too. it is good to know they take such care

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    Good to know they are so professional about the responsibility to not serve the allergen to a guest. Sorry to hear about Natalia's allergy though. That's a tough one to have!

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