The 22nd April is Earth Day and also the opening of the VISION House in Innoventions East.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of green initiatives and how they can use those ideas in their own home. The exhibit is designed to give green living ideas in a fun and informative manner.

Guest will be guided through the VISION House and can play the Build your VISION House game. This fast moving discovery game allows them to challenge their knowledge on environmentally friendly decisions for the home.

The VISION House will have presentations and entertainment at their exhibit throughout the day.


  • VISION Tales - 10am

  • It's SUN-day - 11am

  • Will it Break? A tough glass for the environment - 1pm

  • Woodn't It Be Nice: 10 Fun Facts about Trees - 2pm

  • Protect your Home, Protect your World - 3pm