This mornifng I had to have my lovely old cat Charlotte put to sleep.

She was starting to suffer badly with arthritis, especially in her back legs which she had problems walking on. This weekend she lost the use of one of her front paws and couldn't even stand to eat, last night she couldn't get out of her bed. This morning I had to feed her in her bed.

I kind of new last night that she wouldn't be able to carry on like this so I stayed up with her all night. When I took her to the vets he confirmed my fears that she would only get worse.

It broke my heart to make that awful decision but at least I was with her at the end. Not so long ago some of you will remember that I had to have my horse put to sleep. I love my pets but I can't cope with this awful part of caring for animals. Both Charlotte Cat and Heather my horse were both very old and both had great lives but it still doesn't stop the hurt when you lose them.

Sorry to be so down guys I just felt like I needed to share this with my friends because I know that speaking to you will make me feel a bit better.