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Thread: SeaWorld is moving to Paper Bags

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    Soon there will be just one choice of bag at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment as they are planning to eliminate plastic shopping bags within the next year. Park gift shops will offer paper bags made from 100 percent recycled paper or guests can choose to purchase reusable bags.

    A spokesperson for SeaWorld has said:

    "We will be the largest theme park operator to make this commitment.

    This is a significant change for us, one we hope will provide a model for our industry overall. Eliminating plastic bags is an important statement about our commitment to the environment, as well as the need to help protect marine animals from debris. It also allows our guests to play a direct part in making a difference on our planet.

    This move will keep an estimated 4 million plastic bags from entering landfills and the environment each year. Approximately 1.4 billion tons of trash, including plastic bags, enters the ocean annually. Wildlife such as endangered sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, one of their favorite foods."

    Another Refreshing…and Renewable Change:

    Also adding to the ways park guests can consume responsibly, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and The Coca-Cola Company introduced paper cups for guests made with 85 percent renewable resources as part of a new 10-year partnership. Guests use more than 13 million paper cups each year throughout the 10 parks.
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    They look nice, and i can completely see why theyve done it - but those bags are so rubbish in the rain!!

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    I can see I'll be taking a bag or 2 with me to Seaworld. It seems to rain every time I go there!

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    Concern for the environment or a clever way to sell reusable bags???

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    In view of the fish and animals there, I`m amazed that they didn`t adopt this policy from day 1.

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