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Thread: Shoguns trip 2007 Fri Wk1

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    Out by the pool first thing we saw our balloon floating by.

    As tonight was MNSSHP and Liz still hadn't found a costume we were heading to the Halloween shop way down the 192 past Old town and near a Publix. After trying on several outfits the selection was made and purchased. We needed to be back at the villa about 4pm to get ready which gave us time for a quick visit to Gatorland.
    Read the warning notice at the entrance.

    And once inside the camera shutter went into overdrive again.

    Soon saw some of the main inhabitants

    Loads of wild life around

    Found a machine that dispensed fish food for 50c

    Buzzard flying overhead waiting for tea-time

    Sentry on the boardwalk was checking out visitors for contraband food

    There was a play area for young visitors where they could get soaked

    One pen had some turtles of various sizes

    It is a loverly quiet park with lots of things to see.

    We did a very quick visit but there are a few show that we didn't stay to see. We found it a relaxing place to be but it won't suit everyone.
    Back to the villa to change then To MK for Halloween. Just as we got there the heavens opened for quite a time but did stop to allow the parade and fireworks to go ahead. Must have collected at least 4kg of candy but no photos. Left about midnight.
    Time for bed said Florence.

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    Stunning photos. Thank you so much!

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    Thank you for these trip reports....I'm loving them all.
    We enjoyed Gatorland for a change too....will probably go back but not for a few years.

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    Superb photos, thanks for sharing. Those crocodiles look really mean

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    LOVED those butterfly photos.

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    Never done Gatorland in 4 vists but would love to go.

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