Both major things have good outcomes so don't worry.

Have taken a couple of weeks off after Easter and during that time we took a trip up to Worcester.

Now Worcester is where Lisa was born, what most of you don't know is that she never really knew her biological father. Her Mum and Dad split when she was very small. She was always told that he didn't want anything to do with her and had made no effort to get in touch all these years.

Well following the death of her mother 2 years ago things started to move a little. Lisas sister managed to track down her 1/2 sister ( they knew their dad had remarried and had kids) on Facebook and struck up a conversation, initially this was with the idea of simply letting him know that his ex wife had died.

Anyway, following a visit from Lisas step dad, he said 'not to believe everything she had been told' and gave her his full support for her to make contact with her biological father.

As you can imagine it was all a rather emotional time.

Anyway, long story short - they have been communicating by e-mail for the last year or so, sending cards and exchanging photos and videos ( he has kept all her old drawings she did as a little girl - hardly a sign he didn't want to know) ; and finally we went up and spent an afternoon with them. We also met one of Lisas half sisters as well and it all went rather swimmingly. Its fascinating finally seeing the missing part of the genetic puzzle - we know now where Thomas gets his musical talent and his hair from

Although he was very emotional and rather overcome ( he said it was worse than a berevement to know she was out there but not be allowed access) Lisa said she didn't really have those feelings quite yet, not unsurprisingly but I'm sure that will grow

It has brought up some rather bad feelings towards Lisas Mum of course who clearly manipulated the whole situation and denied him access.

Anyway thats one of the things we've been doing.

The other was my brother - he has always had very bad knees and arthritis and frankly needed a knee replacement by age 26. Anyway over the last few months he has had a large swelling developing in his left knee. He saw his consultant, who ordered an MRI to be done the next day and come back the following week for results as he hadn't seen any lump quite like it before

Now this rang rather huge alarm bells with me ( not him) as clearly the chap was looking for something rather sinister to organsie things so quickly - infact I assumed he thought it was a high grade sarcoma, if it was the prognosis is appauling and he has a baby due shortly after ours

So when he texted me on Friday to tell me he had appauling arthritis with cysts, bony fragments loose in the joint and no cartillage left at all he was rather surprised by my resposnse which was to almost cry with relief - having not slept for 4 days

So 2 rather good bits of news in the last few weeks :D

Been off the last week as we have installed a whole new computer system at work and it is taking quite a while to get everyoe up to speed

Missed you all and hope to be more present again real soon

Baby is cooking nicely by the way ;)