I would like some advice about where to go now with my plan to take photos of my resident badgers.

I will post some more pics top this thread later on when I upload the last 2 nights efforts

At the moment I am having to take shots through my double glazing with a flashgun off camera to avoid reflections in the glass.

I appreciate this is far from ideal but they are such timid animals that any noise spooks them and they run away. It has taken me 2 years of feeding and slowly indroducing lighting to them to be tolerant of the flashgun.

I am hoping with the summer months ( big LOL at the moment) I will be able to get outside in a makeshift hide with them to avoid the glass

I have 3 problems that I need help with really

1. Is lighting - they tolerate the flash now but obviously being nocturnal beasties you cannot take photos of them during lovely golden twilight, I would appreaciate advice of how best to light them other than the flashgun - gels? I don't know - The step is covered in soalr garden lamps but these provide little in the way of decent lighting

2. Background - I would love a better background than our decking covered in peanuts - One Idea I had was to get some lastolite http://www.warehouseexpress.com/stud...kgrounds/b3100 and pput this on and over the decking to provide either a completely black or , more likely a completely white backdrop and floor to take a shot on - do you think this would work? is the paper thick enough not to tear? I kinda like the idea of a shot against a totally white background - are there issues with doing this and lighting?

3. Getting them to look up - I'll have to work this out myself most of the time they graze with nose buried in the floor - have seen people dangling peanut butter sandwiches on wires to get them to look up and stand up - so may give this a go.

Any thoughts appreciated :D