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    Has anyone stayed in old key west or Saratoga springs resorts.
    my friend is looking at less as they offer a 3 bedroom villa, virgin have put in a request for the cost.

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    I can't help :sorry, but Tink has stayed at both resorts, so I'm sure she will be able to help you From what I've heard OKW has the largest villas.

    I've moved this to resorts, hotels etc as I think you will get more help in here

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    I am here:

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    I've stayed in old key west twice now in one bedroom villas, things I like - the space, the look and feel of the resort, the fact you can park outside your villa, turtle pond pool area, what i don't like, housekeeping left a lot to be desired but I believe some retraining had occurred! Also I didn't like the choice of eateries there. All in all if I needed the space and could get an offer like I did last year I would probably go back. Not stayed at Saratoga, sorry

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    OKW is our "home" DVC resort and we have stayed there on several occasions, albeit a few years ago by now.
    On a couple of those occasions we went with some friends and had a Grand Villa that would sleep up to 12 people and it was great.
    There was so much space in the villa and it really felt like it was your own home even though it did adjoin other buildings.
    I really like the location of OKW as it seems fairly quiet and relaxing, being away from the hustle & bustle of the parks, and yet it is only a short and very pleasant boat ride away from DTD.

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    OKW is my home resort and I love it. The place is beautiful.

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    Yes! We've stayed in both.

    OKW is our home resort, and it truly is our favorite place overall. The villas are the largest and they've all been redone. They are quite nice, and very comfortable. (Although if you make me, I'll tell you I liked the original decor the best. ).

    The parking is very convenient, if that is a factor. The grounds are lovely, and perfect for walking. We love to walk. There is a very nice paved walkway from the "back" of OKW to DTD. It runs along the canal and is shady and nice. The pools are beautiful. The main pool is quite fun and even Ol' Tink has gone down the slide! We love the quiet pools too.

    Nothing more peaceful than having a drink in Gurgling Suitcase and listening to the music piped in overhead (Buffet, Regae, that sort of Key West feel).

    Olivia's is quite nice for meals! Service is very good and the food is nicely prepared. The snack counter is handy too. The little shop is not as nice as it used to be, but still serves its purpose.

    We like the ferry to downtown Disney, and have never in all the years (since 1996) had anything to complain about regarding Disney bus transport from OKW.

    SSR is within walking distance of DTD and that makes it nice for having variety for meals, if you like the options in DTD. That walkway from OKW to DTD will also provide you with a route to SSR too!

    The food service there is lacking unfortunately. We had a really, really poor dinner in the full service restaurant. The server was honestly terrible. Never had such quite bad service from Disney before. We'll not bother going back there. The food court selections never did too much for us, but many people like them.

    The pools are nice and very busy! Also, the spa is beautiful. We like the horsey theme and get a private little kick out of the "New York" -ness of the place.

    All in all if I had to choose, I'd go with OKW but honestly, that's probably more due to familiarity and "first love" than anything else.

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