Hi everyone!

Just thought to do a quick update.....

Planning going well all ADR all booked.

Pocket money saving going well so far. We have decide to have two budgets when we are over there. Basically it is 'Custom budget' and 'non custom' budget.

The custom budget is the maximum tax allowance in the UK and non custom is stuff that we are not brining back such as snacks, drinks and stuff that we may put in the suitcase and 'forgot all about it' (oops did I type that out loud?!)

We have decided to go for Discovery Cove so need to book that. Will also book the halloween party. (Need to find a fancy dress for that!)

We will be staying at Hilton Hotel and will be taking advantage of twilight check in. (That also need to be booked!)

Britchick informed me that it is being rumoured that wifi is being rolled out in the park so decided not to buy mifi.

Will keep you all up to date of our planning.......