It is indeed here

It looks good on the web but better in person. Much thinner/lighter than the 15 but with all the pro features and power of the pro.

It's very very fast which almost goes without saying but even when i taxed it, it was either silent or next to silent.

I'd seen a lot of stuff on the web saying that web pages scrolling was choppy and normal non-retina graphics were fuzzy because they had to be scaled up. I wasn't worried, I know Apple brings out new stuff and it takes a while for 3rd parties to catch up but having played with it, there's no issue that I can find at all.

The SSD storage is blindingly stupidly fast! and 16GB memory which is amazing for a laptop.

Of course, the highlight is the screen. Very hard to explain how good it is. I looked at photos and they really popped off the screen, the icons and text look incredible. When you play with it, it really feels like a new generation and a game changer, but then after some hours your eyes get used to it. I went back to the old generation 15" pro and I thought something was wrong with it! There isnt, but after looking at the new one for hours, non-retina now looks pixelly. Amazing how apple manage to do that :/

So faster, lighter, quieter, miles better screen. Love it

ps. I see all the previous models being reduce in pc world, apple etc. There's such a premium on the new ones right now that the old ones, discounted, are bargains! I really wanted a 15" screen but if you're fine with 13.3", then the macbook airs are still the lightest/thinnest ones around