Sir Skywatcher!!!!!!! Excellent to see you!

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Still my MacBook pro still works beautifully , and still looks pretty as it can be
Thats exactly the thing with apple as Josh was saying. They really do last!

I shall content myself with mountain lion and ios6
yep, both of which I'm running now and both of which are significant upgrades IMHO!

Ooh any of you apple chaps got any inside ideas Lon when the 5 will come as I am due an upgrade and they are pushing a 4s on me, don't want to get locked into a contract.

Will it be September time?
everyone is forecasting September rather than October.. do not, repeat do NOT get a 4s yet. A 4 is great, a 4s just doesnt have enough going for it to warrant its price over the 4 and the 5 promises to be a complete remake with larger screen and so on.

Even if it's oct/nov/dec, given you're going to get locked into another long contract, wait for the 5.