Hello everyone!

So sorry, I have just realised that I have been back from my trip for a week and not said Hi This week seems to have flown by, and of course there has been a ton of the usual stuff to do that has to be dealt with after a couple of weeks away.

We had a great time, of course, although it was spoiled a little by some heavy and prolonged rain and thunder. I don't mind those typical tropical heavy showers, but we had 2 afternoons and evenings of it in week one, then 5 of them in week 2. We were a bit fed up with it by the time we left as we had to make quite a few changes to plans, and missed out on a few things (Wishes and Fantasmic included :cry: ) but of course that just means we will HAVE to go back again But we did have a few special experiences.

I have to say from happy experience that the new wine bar, Tutto Gusto, in Italy is a fantastic place to spend a rainy afternoon :D And one of the best things that happened was non-Disney related - we watched 3 otters playing in the waterway of the hotel from about 4 feet away. We watched them in all for about 20 minutes, walking along the waterway alongside them as they swam up to the lake as they ate and swam and had fun. Otters have always been one of my very favourite animals, and to see them so close up in the wild was amazing - I thought I was lucky seeing one running across OKW carpark last year but this was something else! We also had to tap a gentleman on the shoulder during Illuminations and say "Excuse me Sir, there's a snake on your foot". Boy, could he move! :D

Coming back to a week of glorious sunshine here in the UK has helped, and we have spent most of the time outdoors sorting out the garden, and so haven't had much online time. I shall be back next week to share some more. Hope everyone is fine, and that my UK friends are enjoying this lovely weather