I keep on totally forgetting to do that! I think it's my natural aversion to being on t'other side of the camera

Hoop Dee Doo tonight. Although we still enjoy the Hoop, the loss of the iconic signature tune is keenly felt and the change in cast left something to be desired last time around :/ nevertheless, it's a bit of a tradition so back we go

We have a history of being seated at the table for two centre stage front which of course tends to get picked on rather a lot. It's something of a running joke that me, being the shy retiring soul that I am, panics majorly about being picked on and so lives in terror of getting that table whereas most people would probably love it.

This time, we booked a day out. Yesterday in fact because the tables are apparently booked in order so we thought we'd be at the back somewhere... but nah, table right up in front again. So some wine before leaving will be required methinks