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Thread: Mini-mini trip report

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    Well, after hemming and hawing and iffing and faffing...

    We decided to head to MK yesterday, after all. It's the first Saturday in June, making it "Gay Day" at Disney. We were last there two years ago.

    This year we did not get there at opening. We chose to do the lazy morning start. We got to the approach of TTC about 10 or so?? Maybe a bit later? It was bumper to bumper heading into the TTC. Trams were filled with people, so we among others decided to walk into the TTC instead of waiting for another tram. Red shirts EVERYWHERE! More so than two years ago.

    This year we chose not to wear our red shirts (of the previous visit) it was just too darn hot. I had my Rainbow Mickey on my bucket hat, and Herself had on a light purple tank... Gay semiotics don't you know. I had an aqua tank on and it ended up matching perfectly with my little "find" (described below).

    The monorail had been down earlier in the morning, so we headed for the ferry. It was a very short wait, and a lovely "cruise" over to the MK. The breeze was lovely (and BOY WAS IT HOT!!!) and much needed.

    We did what we usually do at the MK, wander aimlessly from here to there until we find a queue short enough to tolerate. We managed a decent short wait for POC. It too had been down earlier in the morning...

    Some of the fun shirts sayings: "Because I'm a Queen and I said so." "You can't have a fairy tale without Queens and Hags."

    Some of the political sayings: "Legalize Gay." "When Do I Get To Vote On YOUR Rights?" Love is = (HRC Symbol). The Other Team, Sorry boys.

    Some of what we considered inappropriate: "You must be this tall to ride this ride (with a line at the chest of wearer). A peeled banana with a double entendre that was not necessary. Sorry, but if "we" want to be accepted we need to take responsibility for not inciting others. Club sayings don't have a place in a theme park. We don't see opposite gendered couples running around in tee shirts with sayings like, "Breeding Services" or the like... at any rate, off my soapbox, but this is a pet peeve of mine (and one of the reasons we don't go to many Pride events).

    We watched the mid morning celebrate parade while sharing a Mickey shaped soft pretzel. A lively and festive parade it was with some of the dancers dashing into the audience hugging friends that were watching. Gave everyone the celebrate feelings!

    We did a LOT of people watching. Men in utility kilts with red shirts, women with rainbow tutus on (wondered how they got in, but no one was sending them out). Families, same gendered, with their children... lovely to see.

    And yes, there was the advertising plane flying over the MK with "WARNING GAY DAY AT MAGIC KINGDOM." Sad, isn't it?

    We didn't have ADRs for lunch (or dinner) because we were taking it one step at a time. We looked at Liberty Tree and the menu didn't wow us, so we went on to Crystal Palace. Neither of us wanted to do the characters. The little restaurant just off Main St. was full. So, on a spur of the moment whim we tried Tony's.

    There was a 35 minute wait (and that was clearly only because they must have been short staffed). The place was not busy at all. We were a little concerned about that, but since we'd never dined there, figured we'd give it a go.

    We had a wonderful server, Alfie! (Yes, we talked about the song). He was cheerful and courteous, and very prompt.

    We ordered the antipasto (Tastes of Italy) to start. It came with prosciutto, capacola, gorgonzola, olives (green and black) artichoke hearts with dried tomatoes, pesto and a spicy red sauce. Oh, and two bits of bread. It was quite nice.

    We then ordered a bianca flat bread and a chicken calzone. Both were very nice. Not crunchy, but thin crust on the flat bread, and the calzone was florentine style and very savoury.

    We missed the lack of wine but managed to suffer through it.

    Wanted to try the spumoni for dessert but it was just too big! All told, we'd go back again. TIW saved us the tip and we added a bit to bring it to 20% because he was such a dear.

    We meandered here and there after lunch looking at things, people, riding the train, exploring the new circus area with Dumbo. It's not done yet, of course only Dumbo and Goofy's Barnstormer are up, but it will be nice for the little ones. I'm not a circus fan, but no matter there.

    Country Bear Jamboree was jammed the entire day.

    We talked about visiting our friend Mike who is a barkeep at a resort bar, but it wasn't time for him to come to work yet. My foot was giving me trouble, acting like it wanted to blister (it didn't) so in the end we decided with the heat, and the wimpy foot we'd head home.

    It was a pleasant interlude, and we'll be back, of course. We did decide that to do Gay Day in it's entirety we do like to stay there so we can take a break during the high heat of the afternoon and then return for Wishes.

    Oh! And I found a new pin! It's Tinkerbell with rainbows. Love it.

    So, we'll go back next time of course. Just never sure with us when next time will be.

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    Look like you had a good day!

    Grr re banner and some t-shirts wedding do gay pride for the similar reasons

    I am here:

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    Great report Tink thanks

    Tony's is a bit of a surprise star for us. We never really thought about doing it but it turns out to be quite good especially the food

    Early in my Disney experience, I was warned off gay days quite severely by many people. Some were anti-gay comments so I could discard them as idiots, but there were a lot of people saying it was wrong of Disney to let a park be SO overtaken by any one cause whatever it was and that the day was too crowded and that there was explicit behaviour.

    So we tended not to go because with 14 days to play with, why take the risk of a bad experience?

    One day a few years back I forgot entirely and ended up at MK on gay day. I'll, try and no doubt fail, to fall into stereotypes, but we had the BEST day I met more wonderful people and enjoyed more laughter than any other day at Disney. It was like everywhere we turned, someone was saying hi or making a joke about this or that, singing or dancing.

    The warnings were rubbish and I'd actually like to revisit on a gay day whereas you couldn't PAY me to visit on a day where the cheerleaders were out in force GRRRRRRR

    In terms of the shirts and phrases, I hear you. It would do more good to stay entirely positive but I can so understand wanting to shout.

    Did you see the women who was refused travel by american airlines recently for wearing a pro choice shirt? OK the phrase included a swear word which I think may have had something to do with it, but ach, I just think we should all be able to let others express themselves that way. (whether it helps or hurts a cause of course is another matter)
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    I cant believe there was a plane with a "warning" sign!!! Thats terrible!

    Can i ask why you cant wear tutu's?

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    Tink, it is good to hear that you had a reasonably good time, but I'm a bit confused. You mention red shirts, but a year ago didn't you ask us to wear purple shirts at one time as a sign of support? Or was that something else?

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    I'm glad you had a good time, i would love to go there for Gay day, it would be a lot of fun. We used to go to Tony's all the time and have the anti pasti, i don't know why we stopped maybe to try other things?

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    I'm so glad you had a good day, we'll have to time it to be there and come with you one year

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    Keith, yes I do essentially agree. Freedom of speech and all that. It's the atmosphere and (I almost said gaiety! ) and festivness that draws us. It really is a fun, fun day. Everyone is happy and laughing and talking to one another. If you try a hat on someone will surely say, "OHHHHHH GURRRRL!!! I LOVE that on you!" That sort of thing.

    Kate, because tutus look like costumes and adults are not allowed to wear costumes in the MK unless it is MNSSHP, or for SWW at DHS.

    John, I don't remember the purple, but it wouldn't be for Gay Day. That has always been red.

    Wendy, we'd have the best time. We'd laugh and laugh and laugh! We'll have to stay at BLT though. That's the best location for staying over for Gay Day.

    The party continues on today at EPCOT. That's usually quite fun too, but we didn't make it this year.

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    Sounds like a lovely day all around (sore foot notwithstanding) :-)

    I had hoped to be there this weekend with my cousin and a few friends but she ended up having to have surgery and we ended up committing to a fundraiser for a friend. Perhaps next year. The year I did find myself there I met some of the most lovely people, and the fun and merriment were in high volume!

    Shame you missed CBJ....;-)

    As for the tshirts...ok ok ok, I'll go put away my "breeder and proud of it" shirt!!! Hehehe I kid, I kid!!

    I should like to see a picture of your pin if you have a chance, might be just the souvenir to pick up for a friend of mine!!

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    See? That's what confused me, Becca. I thought you had plans of a sort to be here with friends and your cousin. Now I don't feel quite so confused!

    I'll try to get a photo of it with my phone, however the miserable thing isn't working well with the camera. It locks up the phone and that is aggravating as all get out.

    You'll have a nice time when you arrive, regardless but yes, it is a high energy festivity with Gay Day.

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