I just wanted to share this with you guys because I'm buzzing even still.

We organised a Jubilee Street Party for our Close yesterday. Fortunately we chose the one sunny day from the whole bank holiday weekend. I arranged with our local council for the road to be closed, booked a bouncy castle for the kids and sorted out a disco (for free). Between a small group of neighbours we made a buffet with cakes, sandwiches, etc and in the morning they all came out and we covered the whole Close with balloons and buntings that I've been gathering over the weeks. We sorted out seats, barbecues and gazebos then just sat back and waited for everyone to come.

Although we had interest from around 10 of the houses out of 35 we had a massive turnout on the day. At one point we had around 70 people which is just as well as we had more than enough food to feed the whole of the village. It was fantastic to see people, who are neighbours and just don't speak normally, getting to know each other. The best thing for me was to see some of the pensioners come out and for them to mingle with young and old. The local paper came and took some photo's and people, from other streets, came to join us in a drink. It made me feel very proud of us all. The party started at 2pm but didn't finally end until 10.30pm

My fantastic neighbours presented me later with a huge bouquet of flowers and a card signed by every house which was lovely but I didn't do it on my own. We've decided that we will make this an annual event, perhaps with a little less food and make sure that we don't all disappear behind our doors again for another few years.

We really do live in a very lovely Street, we are so lucky to be surrounded by such nice people.