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Thread: Disney to Release "Temple Run: Brave" for IOS and Android

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    Disney Mobile announced its newest mobile game on Monday--Temple Run: Brave, for both iOS and Android. For this release, the company teamed up with indie game developer Imangi Studios to make a new version of an already successful, non-Disney game, but with a Disney heroine and Pixar-quality graphics. And its release is conveniently tied with the release of Brave as well.


    Temple Run: Brave isn't simply Temple Run with a new skin--it's a reimagined version designed to be an accompaniment to the original. If you've played Temple Run before, you'll have no problem getting used to Temple Run: Brave (and if you haven't, there's a handy tutorial that you can switch off and on). The game has continuous gameplay, and a pretty simple objective--Merida is running away from a demon bear named Mordu, and you help her avoid obstacles by taking sharp turns, making steep jumps, and sliding under fallen landscape. Swipe to the left or right to make her turn, swipe up to jump, or swipe down to slide. Collect coins along the way to level up and unlock power-ups.


    One new feature found in Temple Run: Brave that's not in the original is an archery game. As Merida runs, she'll pass a series of targets--tap a spot on the touchscreen, and Merida will shoot arrows at each target. Hitting these will earn more points. Players also collect pieces of Merida's tapestry to reveal part of the Brave story.


    Temple Run: Brave will be available for download on the 14th June.

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    i love Temple run! still sulking that Brave not out until August here!

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    Loooooove Temple Run! Will definitely give this a try!

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    Jordan loves Temple Run, so I put this on my Nexus as a surprise. He really likes it. It has extra features and fun upgrades...he's constantly snitching my tablet to play.

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