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Visiting most of the Deluxe Hotels is extremely simple because it can easily be done while you are visiting either MK, EPCOT, or DHS. For the MK resorts, with the exception of WL just take the monorail and there is no security to deal with. For the EPCOT hotels you can walk or take the boat launch and again there is no security to be dealt with. If you wish to visit any of the other hotels you can take a resort bus. You never get asked for your resort id.

The only one you may have a problem visiting is Shades of Green because I do believe you need to show an id to get on their bus. Although, if you visit while the Golf Courses are open you could say you are going to the golf course and then just walk in and have a look/see at SOG.
Well said John! We have only stayed onsite so can't really respond to the OP, but we DO go to the other resorts as John suggested via monorail or by walking out the side gate at Epcot. We have stayed at PORFQ and we visited OKW via two boats. Not sure if it is worth hitting CBR or Allstars but I remember having a nice evening at AK a while back (before we stayed there last time) at Boma, and the kids listened to story time and played drums...it was great.