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Thread: Did you know about Special Phone Messages for Disney Resort Guests

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    I've been looking at all the different things that Disney Resort Guests can take advantage of and one thing that I thought was really nice was the Sepcial Phone Messages from Characters.

    There seem to be four special messages available for you to choose at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels and all have different characters talking to you.

    1. Celebrating your Wedding
    2. Celebrating your Anniversary
    3. Wishing you a Happy Birthday
    4. Saying Welcome to Walt Disney World

    You can only arrange these calls from a WDW phone and you can find out the phone numbers to request the calls from Guest Relations or The Concierge has a the internal phones numbers.

    Have you stayed at one of the Resorts and experiences any of these or anything similar and what characters are the messages from?

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    Yeah Wendy, last time we went (past Jan.) we stayed at AK lodge. DD was celebrating (with her friend) their 21'st birthdays. After checking in the phone rang and there was just that kind of message. When checking in they asked if there was an special celebrations and of course we said yes, got the special Celebrating pins and later got a call as you mentioned..

    Great PR for the company and what did it really cost? Right? Love that special interest they take.

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    we got the anniversary one on our anniversary last year, I didn't know they did it in the rooms so it was a lovely surprise

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