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Thread: Lancaster crew view of Tuesday's Jubilee flypast

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    Quote Originally Posted by catrancher, post: 281852
    Do we have to start calling you Johnnie Johnson now?
    Steady Tom I`m not that old.

    This was something that my DW arranged for my 40th birthday as a surprise.
    It was a privately owned two seater MK IX Spitfire which was flown over several weekends in the Summer by lads from the RAF who took paying members of the public for a 30 minute spin.
    My DW had actually paid for 2 sessions for me and what really surprised me was that once we were airborne, they actually let me take control of the plane....apart from part of the 2nd session when the RAF pilot did his entire airobatic display routine with me as an astonished co-pilot!
    It truly was an amazing experience, and I surprised the pilot by not asking him to back off at any time...or throwing up for that matter.

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    Not only was that a cool video, I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to have been on the ground and seen them fly over.

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    I was on the Mall in London for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it was incredible. Of course it was pre Internet for me anyway and I haven't found any footage but this was the formation.

    The order of the Flypast over Buck House was as follows:-

    1st Formation 7 Spitfires & 2 Hurricanes

    2nd Formation
    1st Cell 3 VC-10ís & 2 Tornado GR.1ís
    2nd Cell 4 Hercules
    3rd Cell 1 Nimrod & 2 Buccaneers
    4th Cell 1 Nimrod & 2 Buccaneers
    5th Cell 4 Canberras & 2 HS.125ís

    3rd Formation
    1st Cell 16 Tornado F.3ís
    2nd Cell 16 Hawks
    3rd Cell 16 Tornado F.3ís
    4th Cell 16 Phantoms

    4th Formation
    1st Cell 16 Tornado GR.1ís
    2nd Cell 16 Harriers
    3rd Cell 16 Tornado GR.1ís
    4th Cell 16 Jaguars

    5th Formation The Red Arrows

    6th Formation Lancaster

    7th Formation 1 Spitfire & 1 Hurricane

    After flying over Buck House, a Spitfire & Hurricane broke away from the 1st formation & reformed to create the 7th Formation.

    A total of 166 different Aircraft. One of the biggest Flypasts flown in the UK

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