I feel as though I've spent the week on the phone to Three mobile after my sister's account has some sort of block on it. No problem getting signal on it with my sim card in it, and her sim card has no signal in my phone. We're on the third (?) sim card now from three and still getting the same problem.

We have spoken to their technical department so many times and they are just going through a turn on/turn off scenario and asking us to swap the sim again.

To me there is clearly no problem with the sim, there is no problem with the area as friends on Three are getting signal, and there is no problem with the phone as verified by the Apple Store. Apparently it is 5-7 days before a senior member of staff can get back in touch, another member of staff told me I'd get a call back yesterday after we told them we were definitely not paying the bill.

Of course now this hasn't happened! 9 days of calling non stop and still no signal what so ever. They think everything has been provisioned to her account and can't see what the problem is however it's going to take 5-7 days to be decided whether we will get out of the contract for free which of course is absolute nonsense as you can bet your bottom dollar that if we didn't pay up for 9 days we'd have the service cut off so they're not covering their side of the contract.

All of this on top of a 3.5% rise in the contract cost!! Ridiculous and I'm not settling for anything less than cancellation without charge.