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That's what I'm trying to convince Caitlin, but she also wants spending money for her holiday so doesn't want to spend too much on an iPad. The kindle fire sounds interesting though, do currys etc have one you can go and look at?
I dont think they're selling the kindle fire over here yet? so nope you can't yet see or buy them unless you get it from the states.

I do have one and I do think it's a nice half way house between the kindle normal and the ipad. Definitely good value at the price.

Given it's unavailable over here at the moment, there is the blackberry playbook for 169 at pcworld. Josh has already talked about how good he thinks it is and it certainly is at a bargain price. You have to mess a little to get the kindle app on it but not TOO much http://crackberry.com/how-get-amazon...berry-playbook