I am a doof...Queen Doof...Lady and Mistress of all I survey....

So we had a managers dinner across the street today. Great place to eat fantastic food....one catch...gluten and fried foods are not my friend. What is the majority of what's on the menu....fried and floured lol.

No worries, I pick something with no gluten and grilled so we are good to go.....they order appetizers....now understand I have only recently put 2 and 2 together and figured out what was making me so ill. out comes the spinach and artichoke dip...my fav btw and the lovely dipping FRIED LASAGNE NOODLES. Ok...steady girl...take 1/2 of a half and then break that in half and take that tiny sliver and you will be ok...right? ummm no.....not even close.

i made it thru the meal...and then...uh oh....and here we go to the bathroom. I know ppl where thinking " what the heck was that fluffy blurr?" as I went whizzing by. I will spare you the gory details...but I was in there long enough to question my own sanity...thoughts of" just shoot me" and " just a little won't hurt right?" and " ok lemme get this straight, you can't eat fried foods or anything with gluten in it..so what do you do? hmmm??? you eat FRIED LASAGNE NOODLES!!! the only thing that could have made it worse if it was on a stick!YOU MORON!" My dh almost sent someone in to check on me....i went out sat down and almost went right back into the bathroom....I'm going to bed and with any luck I won't forget this anytime soon so I can avoid the whole bad icky Queen Doof crowning again LOL