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Thread: How to Keep Cool at Disney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 282546
    I have a little battery operated Dan that helps. The misting fan does not work for me (I wear glasses and cannot wear contacts so there is that and it creates more humidity)

    I like to eat lunch/ dinner during the hottest part of the day.
    :tongue: I have a little battery operated FAN. Auto correct makes me laugh.

    I used to do the wet cloth too but stopped. I do believe I will be doing it again.

    I cannot say enough how important light colored clothing is! Also, I have to have thinner, breathable fabrics. I absolutely cannot wear denim shorts/capris in the heat.

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    I live in Wales one of the wettest countries (in the world I normally think).

    If it's hot and sunny when I'm in Florida then great, exactly what I've paid for. The only consideration I give to the heat and sun is a pair of Oakleys, a strong SPF (I'm blond after all. No jokes please), and plenty to drink.

    No way I'm avoiding the sun and the heat if I've only got 14 days to enjoy it! :-)

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    I admit on most visits we arrive at the parks for around opening and stay until the finale (Wishes, Fantasmic, Illuminations etc)
    So, we are there during the hottest part of the day.

    We drink lots of water. We have wipes on us which also help cool you down. I also carry a paper/wooden fan which I buy new every year from Epcot's China pavillion. Head indoors every so often for the air con and wait for a parade/show in shadow rather than sunlight if possible.

    While waiting for the parade to start in AK last summer it was hot.....we watched as a father carried his around 6 month old baby up the route wearing only a nappy!!!!!!! (baby not father)

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    go and play around

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    I usualy go to the parks in the morning and come back to the resort in the aftternoon for time at the pool and go back in the evening when it is cooler.Thats why ilike the late EMH

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    My take?

    Its impossible

    Well, maybe if you go in Jan/Feb ... Otherwise, juat roll with it hahaha

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    Yep! Mari has that right. It's hot and humid no matter what you do.

    We spent some time at Pop Century over the weekend visiting relatives staying there. We sat under an umbrella (table) near the pool while the little ones swam.

    It was unpleasantly hot. Period. No matter how cool your clothing, or how much water you were drinking (and I drink buckets) or how much you didn't rush around (sitting...). It was still HOT HOT HOT! Now, having to exert oneself in that heat would have made it worse, but there is no avoiding it what so ever.

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