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Thread: How to Keep Cool at Disney

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    What do you do to keep cool whilst visiting the Walt Disney Parks?

    Do you walk from one air conditioned shop to the next or do you take something with you to cool yourself down.

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    we have a misting fan to be used when we can't be in air conditioning, also we wear hats, i also make sure we drink lots and lots. I like to have a gatorade as this seems to perk me up when i'm feeling a little dehydrated

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    I have a little battery operated Dan that helps. The misting fan does not work for me (I wear glasses and cannot wear contacts so there is that and it creates more humidity)

    I like to eat lunch/ dinner during the hottest part of the day.

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    We always go Nov/Dec time so the heat isnt so much of a problem. We went one year in May and the temp was over 100 - it nearly killed me!!!

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    We don't like the misting fans. When it's that hot in Florida, humidity is a huge factor so adding more water to the matter is not helpful.

    The only thing that works for us is to take it in small doses. Go out early in the morning as possible (depending upon the park hours of course). Bringing washcloths to wipe off hot faces and necks is helpful. Sometimes helping yourself to a handful of ice from the open bins at the kiosks is good. You can use it to cool your hands, wrists and if you can stand the shock your neck.

    Keep the clothes very light and natural fibers. Loose, loose, loose! Keep your feet as comfortable as possible and wear a hat that is comfortable that provides some shade for your face. Sunglasses are a must as is NON STICKY (ugh, shudder) sun block. We like Ultra from Neutrogena. It's not sticky one bit and comes in spray and lotion.

    Drink water and water and more water. Skip the sodas and caffeine. Not a good idea in the heat.

    We hide during the hottest parts of the day. Either at the pool at the resort, or in the resort room/villa resting or dining or whatever may be available at the resort.

    We go back out to the parks in the cooler part of the evening, but don't let that confuse you. It's still HOT.

    We space our park time out with doing attractions that offer a/c with those that don't.

    We go slow, slow, slow... no rushing, no dashing here and there. Strolling here and there, combined with resting and people watching.

    We've seen any number of people taken out of the parks due to heat related problems. EMS comes in and off they go in a stretcher.

    First Aid stations are useful when it's stupid hot out, too. They are cool, dimly lit (so a welcome break from the blazing sun) and have water coolers!

    Babies and little ones in strollers need special attention. Often they are in the direct sunlight, sitting deep within a dark colored stroller that absorbs the heat. Keep a light colored, cotton sheet or light blanket over the dark padding of strollers to relieve some of that. IF you have a sunshield on the stroller be sure it's doing the job. Keep the baby covered in light clothing, especially a hat. Those little heads burn fast and easily. The hat should have a brim as most babies won't wear sunglasses.

    Take the heat of the summer in Florida very seriously, especially if you are not used to temperatures that top high 90s with humidity in the 100 plus percentile.

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    I pretty much do what others have said. I have been to Disney several times in the summer and it is absolutely miserable (heat/humidity), however, Disney itself is always Awesome!

    Sunblock is key, I also use the same as Tink.

    I think the little fans are great. I also enjoy the non-misting versions. Sometimes Walmart will sell them for a couple dollars.

    This is where the free cup of water is fantastic at the counter service station. Grab one and drink away. Why pay for water?!

    I love Britchick's contribution of gatorade. I have not done this, but I think it's a good idea. I once drank a medium size soda during my first trip to Florida, years ago, in the middle of Universal. Now I think, "how stupid am I," as I had to sit down on a bench that was slightly shaded, for a good long time. I became, very quickly, dizzy and light heated.

    And don't wear dark colors. This is coming from someone who normally wears black and other dark colors on a daily basis. Wear light and bright clothes.

    Take breaks. Disney is not a sprint. Listen to your body, if you need to break and have some water, or sit in an air conditioned place, then do it. I love Hall of Presidents for this.

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    I don't fare well in the extreme heat so I always have:

    a fan (paper not battery)
    a parasol (usually purchased in Epcot)
    a damp facecloth (in a re-sealable sandwich bag)
    a bottle of water.

    A tip for MK - If you enter the Emporium from the Town Square you can have an air-conditioned walk down to the Hub.

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    Try not to go between May and September.

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    Like Tink, the best thing for us is to take it in small doses!

    We normally have an annual pass so we'll dip into a park, walk around and well before getting hot and fed up, we leave and go back to the pool or to lunch. Then we'll go back out for the evening.

    Last year we didn't have an AP and bought a few days non-park hop. Wow :/ staying in one park all day is NOT for us don't know how people do it!

    I remember getting a misting fan on a particularly hot day at the studios, turned it on and felt hundreds of tiny pins being fired at my face it really was a horrible feeling I guess as the water hit and evaporated. Not tried them since.

    We do like to take packets of moist face/hand wipes just in case we get trapped in a queue for an uncomfortably wrong period or anything like that.

    Other than that, we noticed a few years ago all the floridians had water bottles with them at all times. Often attached to their belts or something. So carry a water bottle and get it refilled free at the drink carts. If it has a large enough neck to allow some scooped ice, even better.

    Finally, never ignore feeling thirsty or dehydrated. If you do, you're already too far gone and should get something immediately not "when we stop for lunch in an hour".
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    We do all the usual plus the following:

    We take a washcloth from the bathroom at the hotel and put in in a plastic baggie. Then, whenever we get hot, just pop into the bathroom (or rinse it in a drinking fountain if you like it cold) and wipe your face, neck, etc.
    When you're done, wring it out, fold it up, and put it back in the plastic baggie ready for next time.

    Tom (... cool is good.)

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