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Thread: disney fireworks cruises

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    I was wondering if the fireworks cruises are really hard to book?

    If possible, we'd like to get one for epcot and magic kingdom, but there cant be many boats and it must be a really hard reservation to get right?

    Is the view even worth it??

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    The firework cruises aren't that difficult to reserve unless you are going at a popular time of the year or season. The only boat you will have trouble reserving is Grand 1 as that gets booked up very quickly.

    I've been on one which was a Wishes Cruise on Grand 1 and it was really good, I loved it and the music was played on the boat as well. I'd do it again in a heartbeat

    You have to be careful when booking a cruise to make sure that you are on a boat that has the music otherwise I think you would lose the effect.

    If you want to make a reservation call 407-939-7529 to ask about costs and reservations.

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