Seriously. It's nearing the end of June. How can that possibly be? The year is half over! I'm astonished.

We've had a week of it, haven't we? A beloved Grandfather has been lost. A new baby has been born! A birthday here and there, personal successes, personal challenges. We've had goats to the table, and the Queen eating corn on the cob, been to NYC, seen the Miami Heat win the championship, had old friends return to our site, and the wedding cake progresses. The circle of life, and the events of every day. It's what we are made of, isn't it?

Not sure what the weekend holds for us, but it needs to have some level of relaxation built in. Maybe I'll do something thrilling like clean the garage in preparation for a "garage sale." Who knows? I know we've collected all manner of useful things that we don't need so getting rid of them would be beneficial.

The great camera purchase of 2012 is still in the offing. We are still considering the Rebel EOS Ti3, but then Herself is making sounds about the newest one, the Ti4... We'll deliberate until we've driven one another mad and then probably buy something we've not even yet discussed. That's our way, don't you know?

Work. What more is there to say other than stress? Always a new problem to solve, always a staff member who is problematic, always a resident issue to address (some are so heartbreaking) always a new regulation to adjust to and put into effect. And with the advent of summer, longer time in the car due to increased traffic. Last night it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. :( Summer rain doesn't help either. Always looking for someone to add to the team who is dedicated to good service to the elderly. Sure wish there were more people out there who were.

The pool is looking good. :) Haven't yet been in it this year, but we need to start having our "by the pool" dinners and weekend relaxers.

Always and forever grateful for each one of you. This site is a haven, a luxury to come to and be among good and decent people who share their friendship so warmly. It makes every difference in the world to have this group of people in my life. I remember a time, long ago now thankfully, when we were not all together. No other site has ever brought together such a wonderful bunch of people who truly care about one another. Thank each and every one of you for being here! This site is a true haven from the ugliness of the world and the internet venom that exits "out there."

So, how was your week, and what does your weekend hold in store?